Understanding NEW Long-Term Care Options

Have you put off looking into long-term care insurance because of the cost? The PPA provisions of January 2010 may help eliminate your fear of wasting premium dollars on long-term care insurance you feel you may never use.

The newest Pension Protection Act of 2006 provisions expand your choices on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the high costs of long-term care expenses. And do it tax-efficiently.

What are Tax Efficient Long-Term Care Funding Options?

There are basically three PPA provisions that may help change the way you look at protecting yourself from the high cost of extended care.

These provisions permit what is referred to as “linked benefit” planning. This may involve tax-free 1035 exchanges of existing life insurance or annuity policies, combination life/long-term care insurance, or annuity/long-term care insurance.

Become an informed decision maker. Contact me today and learn if these options may be of benefit to you.

P.S.  Long-term care insurance isn’t just about nursing homes. It’s about security. And independence. And the power of choice. Long term care options provide you with options for maintaining a quality of life. Many times extending the time you can remain in your own home.