“If you don’t know where you’re going,
any road will take you there.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Gain the confidence and clarity you need to make wise decisions about your money.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Then why is it so complicated?

Hi. I’m Lynn Shepherd, founder of the Retirement Center for Life Planning, LLC and editor of SWAN360. I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, retirement income specialist, and fee-based investment advisor. My goal is to help you make smart choices about your money so you can experience the financial security, independence and freedom you’re looking for.

I created SWAN 360 to provide you with simple, no hype, comprehensive retirement guidance you can trust. We may never meet, but my hope is that the SWAN 360 Retirement Decision Guides will help you make critical choices about your future.

Trustworthy Retirement Guidance

Unlike many retirement sites you may find online, this site has gone through an extensive compliance review process before being approved for publication. In addition, investment related materials have been reviewed by FINRA. Although the information is reliable, please understand:

Information is not knowledge. And knowledge is not wisdom.

It is vitally important you consult with a professional advisor about your personal situation.

Money is the Last Taboo

It’s the last thing anyone talks about. To share your confidential information with an advisor probably makes you feel a bit vulnerable and protective. Good for you. I hope you remain a bit skeptical. The About section of SWAN 360 is crammed with information for just that reason. You need to know who is giving you advice.

So, Who is Lynn Shepherd?

What I Do Who I Help How I Work What I Believe Where I’m Located

Professional Background

I’m an independent, fee-based, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner who focuses on retirement planning and investment management. I serve as a retirement guide for people just like you who are facing the transition of a lifetime … retirement. Using a simple, effective step-by-step system, I help you get your financial house in order and keep it that way.

I believe my unique blend of 35 years of legal and financial experience will be invaluable in helping you prepare for retirement. I served as a probate trust administrator, estate planning paralegal, and long term care specialist. I am a member of the Financial Planning Association and adhere to the FPA Code of Ethics. You can read my FPA profile here.

Lynn Shepherd, Financial Instructor, Ohio Women & MoneyI’ve been a financial instructor/educator for the State of Ohio’s Women and Money conference for five years, teaching Retirement Within 5 Years and Eldercare classes.

I’m past President of Women’s Initiative in Canton, Ohio, Past Chairwoman of the Women’s Division of the North Canton Chamber of Commerce, Graduate of Leadership Stark County, Ohio, 18th Class, member of the Northeast Ohio Financial Planning Association, and founder of Women of Wealth, LLC workshops.

I am both securities and insurance licensed in the states of Ohio and Florida. I hold my Series 7, 24, 63, and 66 licenses. I am registered as an Investment Advisor Representative in the State of Ohio, serving both Ohio and Florida residents.


Personal Story

Wife, daughter, mother of two, grandmother of four, and best friend to Casey, my four-legged constant companion, I love gardening, hiking and photography.

I was influenced greatly by my childhood. Dad was an Air Force career officer, so we moved quite often. It was a forced character-building exercise. I quickly learned that nothing in life is constant. Life is about change and each new season of life has its own rewards and beauty. I learned to “bloom where you are planted” and focus on what is truly important in life … relationships.

I’ve been guided by the strength of the women in my life, as well as the challenges they have faced. Mother, daughter, sister, grandmothers, and great friends. Their influence helped form the basis of my practice today. Preparing for the inevitable transitions in life.

Although I’ve lived in Ohio since 1973, my family and very close friends live in Florida. I travel frequently to Orlando and the Space Coast.


Why I’m Different

Notice there are no financial calculators or minute-to-minute stock market charts on this site. You won’t get instant quotes here or individual stock advice. My clients have reached a stage in life where preserving assets and creating income are more important than chasing quick returns and being held hostage to roller coaster returns.

I’m not out to impress you as an investment guru. I’m here to change your life.

I believe as a decision maker you truly want to make wise, educated choices about your money. You know your future and financial security depends on it. Unfortunately, confusion, doubt, and fear of being taken advantage of rear their ugly heads and cause procrastination. By helping you answer questions you didn’t even think to ask, my hope is that you will gain the clarity and confidence you need to design and implement your personal MAP for retirement.


How Will I Help You Plan for Retirement?

Money management - just one piece of the financial puzzleInvestment management is just one piece of the financial puzzle. I provide both holistic retirement life planning services and money management advice.  I educate, inform, and speak in a language that is easy to understand so you can make wise, educated money decisions that will give you the best opportunity to reach your goals. I will keep you focused, organized, educated and on the right path for you.

I plan to eliminate your fear about making bad money choices by answering questions you may not have thought to ask. No more fears about being taken advantage of or feeling intimidated about asking questions. You will given the power of choice.

Your Personal Money Action Plan for Retirement

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner who serves residents of Ohio and Florida, I have developed a goals/priorities/solutions process that creates a Money Action Plan (known as MAP). This process helps my clients transform scattered, ineffective retirement planning into values-based solutions that work. A true financial roadmap reflects your values, your goals, your priorities, and provides an organized view of your money. It’s all about you.

As a comprehensive retirement planner, I understand financial security involves so much more than managing money. Security means protecting your lifestyle by reducing or eliminating unnecessary risk and implementing tax-efficient strategies.

Retirement Income Planning

As a retirement income specialist, I draw on my 35 years of legal and financial experience to focus on helping you avoid costly retirement mistakes surrounding IRAs, 401k rollovers, investment choices, long term care options and inheritance issues.

What Can You Expect as a Financial Planning Client?

Every client is asked to meet with me on an annual basis so I can be sure your plan reflects your current circumstances.

I meet 3 times per year with my platinum clients. Each meeting has a set agenda.  Together we proactively set goals and review your progress, conduct a comprehensive safety review to reduce exposure to risk, discuss legacy planning issues, and control taxes. There is an annual update of your retirement MAP based on current life transitions. We collaborate with your accountant and attorney. The process is designed so nothing falls through the cracks.

Values-based financial planning is available on an hourly or project fee basis; no asset minimums or management required.

Asset minimum applies to investment management only.


Plan Your Retirement MAP Today

You aren’t alone anymore. I can help. Don’t wait a minute longer to create your retirement Money Action Plan. Contact me for your free consultation. I’d love to meet you.

P.S.  You probably will receive the most benefit from our retirement resources, tools, experience and guidance if you are a conservative investor, over 55 years of age, are within 5 years of retirement, or already retired.

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